Why use an external source for testing?

There are three main reasons why many clients choose to involve a third party to assist them in testing:

How can Evolutif help?

All IT project development plans include a number of testing steps, many of which are on the critical path of the project. Testing specialists, independent from the developers, should perform these tasks to gain the maximum risk mitigation.

Typically, these tasks include:

First and foremost, Evolutif brings to its clients a risk-based proven methodology for creating a test strategy quickly, taking into account the project’s schedule and budgetary constraints. The strategy also includes the implications of what testing has been left out (e.g., what risks are not covered).

We assign trained experienced resources such as test architects, test managers, tool specialists, security and performance specialists when required, as well as the more traditional teams of systems testers and help for the user testing team. A managed testing approach ensures that the testing is done efficiently and effectively. Why Choose Evolutif?

Why does it work?

The main reason that the service works is that the right resources are available at the right time. An additional benefit is that the service frees up senior testing resources from recruiting activities (reviewing CVs, interviewing, taking calls from agencies). This is particularly valuable at project start-up when these activities can occupy a significant portion of the test manager’s time.

As well as providing dedicated testing resources, with a managed team approach, Evolutif will supply resources for as little as one day to a few weeks to help clients over a particular problem or resource peak.

The team is managed using ‘best testing practice’, and even when we are called in after a test strategy has been set, we will make suggestions for improvement if we believe that testing can be done more effectively if a change of practice is adopted.