Evolutif can improve your testing

Evolutif’s experience is that good testing practices are rare in IT organisations. The most obvious evidence of testing’s failure is the unreliability of systems in production. For some sites, this is a serious problem, one that indicates an urgent need to make improvements to testing.

However, most organisations have tolerably stable systems. How is reliability achieved, if, as we maintain, testing is so poorly performed? The answer is, ‘at a cost’. Testing at a typical site can often be summarised as follows:

Untrained staff use their intuition to perform manually a complex task for which there are no standard procedures or techniques. Moreover, each time they perform this task they start over from scratch, so any past experience and groundwork are lost.

Evolutif has been conducting test process improvement projects since 1991. Our strategy is always to concentrate on improvements that have the greatest benefit to clients. To help us do this, we devised the Test Organisation Maturity model, TOM™ and built an assessment questionnaire based on the model. Assessments can be self-administered or conducted by an Evolutif consultant. Responses are analysed in our model, compared to industry standard practices and used to generate prioritised lists of suggestions for improving an organisation’s test processes and practices. You can use the TOM™ online questionnaire and receive an analysis of your score completely free of charge. The information you enter is totally confidential.

If appropriate, we use the TOM™ generated recommendations as a starting point to discuss the improvements which best meet the client objectives and prepare an inventory of process-improvement deliverables and plan to achieve them. Testing improvement projects normally involve:

Methodology A comprehensive methodology covering risk assessment, high level test planning, test specification, implementation, execution, incident management and reporting.

Training Test managers, team leaders and testers will be trained towards ISEB certification. Additional training in areas such as testing in complex environments, technical reviews, test techniques, test automation can also be provided.

Tools We establish the requirements for software testing tools, covering, for example, testware management, test design support, incident management, test execution and test data preparation tools. Tool implementation follows a proven method to ensure successful use.

Consultancy Support Improvement projects are supported by specialist testing consultants backed by an extensive library of testing resources and network of partner organisations.